Ladakh Travel Feel on The Top of The World

The highest point and the largest province of Kashmir region, LAdakh enthrals visitors with amazing natural bounties and mesmeric Buddhist cultures. Read below to know more about Leh Ladakh tour.

 Exploring the landscapes was never so amazing, meeting the locals never so exciting and driving on highway never so invigorating. Actually, everything was like never before. I was on Ladakh tour, obtaining my experience of a lifetime. Some say it the ‘roof of the world’, while others call it a ‘land of monasteries’. But what I would like say it is a land of wonders, and not without a reason. Ladakh, the rugged region bound and made up by Himalayan mountains, is truly spectacular, even eye-opener for first-timers.

 Ladakh has an identity to be the largest province of Kashmir region, and the world knows it as prominent centre to read and learn about Buddhism. It’s the least populated region of Jammu & Kashmir, but those living are among the last untroubled Tantric Buddhist populations, protected from colonial interference and other cultural revolutions far and wide.

 I have been this fascinating land thrice, but every time I go there it enthrals me same as it did on first encounter. If you’re planning for a Leh Ladakh tour, here’s what you need to know before packing the bags.

 Getting there

 From November to March, Ladakh remains cut off from the rest of India due to heavy snowfall. But when the roads are open, one can easily plan trip to this natural paradise. Brilliant efforts have been put by J & K tourism authority and Border Road Organization to build smooth roads and accommodation facilities all the way.

 By Road: The road via Manali is the easiest and the most preferred route to Ladakh. However, there is just one single fuel pump on this 500-km long highway. So be sure to get enough fuel if you’re heading there by your own vehicle. Driving on this route is a treat, passing through the mountains in hues of green, purple, orange and red colours.

 One another way to go to Ladakh is via Srinagar and Spiti Valley. But after a certain distance, it merges with the Manali-leh route.

 By Air: You can get a flight from Delhi to Leh almost every day, except when weather is extremely bad. There are various options to choose from, when it comes flights & airlines connecting Delhi to Leh.

 Best time to Visit

 The best tourist season to Ladakh is between June and September, when the region is open for tourism activities. You will find the weather pleasing, in fact appealing and the beauty at its best. Routes are clear and easy to move on.

 Safety Tips

 Don’t forget to go through a medical check up before moving to this ‘roof of the world’. Why I use this word here is because Ladakh is at a jaw-dropping elevation, where altitude sickness is a casual problem for visitors. So everyone going there is advised to take some time for acclimatization. Ignoring the warning can put you on risk, and no one would have to help you out. The only option then would be the immediate air evacuation to bring you to lower altitude.

One thing that may be underestimated by the traveler, flameless lighter is an important thing that you might need when you are on the road. Both for daily needs and in emergency matches are very useful, besides being simple and easy to carry, USB lighter is very safe in traveling needs.

 There are plenty of things to do and see. The must-visit attractions include HEMIS Monastery, Lamayuru Monastery and Pangog Tso Lake. You better go with a tour package for leh Ladakh tour from a reputed tour agency.